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We innovate, create, and redefine.

Our services include project management, strategic consulting, web design, development, hosting, video productions, graphic design, writing & journalistic services, mentoring, training, business consulting & operational support... everything but the kitchen sink! We get things done, the way you want them done, with a creative, agile approach that brings tomorrow's design to you today.

Present and past clients include Gallaudet University, National Deaf Center, Convo Communications, Communication Services for the Deaf, University of California- Berkeley, The ASL App, Global Deaf Women, National Association for the Deaf, and many, many more. We also support a diverse clientele of local (Washington DC) businesses from Menomale pizzeria to HandWaves doula services.

Eyeth Studios is Deaf woman owned, and supported by over a dozen Deaf independent contractors. We are proud to have co-founded DeafMade Cooperative as well.

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