We’re a digital creative services firm, and so much more.

We play well with everyone and we don’t discriminate. Our bilingual (ASL/English) and accessible team is here to make sure that you get what you need. We have dozens of years of expertise with governmental bodies (especially libraries), higher education / academia, non-profit organizations, and small businesses, including health, construction, restaurants, and more.


Berkeley, CA : Summer 1991. Our founder’s dad brought home a new computer. From the first day, Jane Jonas was smitten. She created a newsletter of jokes and riddles, and peddled it to the neighborhood. Her immediate success was probably helped by the fact that she was eight years old. These passions for entrepreneurship and media have never waned. After graduation from Gallaudet in 2006 (Communication Studies major), seeing the need in the community and continuing to follow her entrepreneurial spirit, Jane founded Eyeth Studios in 2007.

For more than ten years, Eyeth has provided a wide spectrum of web design and creative services, and is proud to work with all Deaf contractors. Recently, Eyeth has begun to provide strategic consultation, higher education web development, accessibility consulting, and adaptive learning, with a heavy focus on supporting emerging Deaf-owned businesses. Partnerships have been formed with other Deaf-owned businesses to provide full-stack creative services, including video production and public relations.

Photo is of the SF Bay Area from Berkeley


We partner with our clients to understand their individual needs and elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences. Since forming in 2007, we have remained at the forefront of technology, implementing tailored solutions with intentional outcomes. We believe in empowering clients to control their own message and branding with training and support guides. We are committed to helping your brand shine, and helping you to do what you do best.

Website Development
eCommerce Storefronts
Hosting & Support
Logos & Branding
Business Development
Organizational Transformation
Website Design
Adaptive Learning
Project Management
Social Media
Strategic Consulting
Accessibility Advising


Bringing you tomorrow’s design today.


We seek to help businesses, non-profits. higher education, and governmental entities create attractive, unified, and consistent experiences for their users and consumers.


Our company is dedicated to being a safe space for all. Eyeth Studios stands with all oppressed peoples. We seek to be accountable in our work, and especially to communities of color. We recognize that resistance against audism also requires resistance to all other forms of social inequality and oppression.


Our core team consists of founder Jane Jonas and operations coordinator Jesse Ragsdale. Keeping our core team very small has given us maximum agility and flexibility to meet various project needs.

We work with many Deaf independent contractors as needed on a project-by-project basis. Our list of contractors has been developed over dozens of years, and our extensive project management experience ensures that these ad-hoc teams perform to expectations. We have worked with contractors in many fields on many different types of projects, both small and large. We also partner with other Deaf-owned businesses on specific projects, as applicable.


Jane Jonas has extensive experience in videography, photography, creative writing, journalism, project management, accessibility, web development, and graphic design. With over twenty years of expertise, her efficient and results-driven approach is applied to every project. Jane also co-owns several other businesses with other Deaf entrepreneurs. This has naturally led to providing strategic consultation and organizational transformation services.

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Jesse Ragsdale has a degree in communications and anthropology, and is a scientist at core. His current focus is data science and AI, building a smart skoolie, and enjoying life in Norcal with his two dogs, Harley and Marley. He is passionate about technology and education, and hopes to spread the love of STEAM to many Deaf students!

Tomorrow’s design today.