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We aren’t just a creative agency.

Eyeth Studios is Deaf woman-owned and completely Deaf-operated, supported by a diverse team of talent from around the globe.

Our unique lens on the world gives us the ability to create things that you have never seen before.

Eyeth provides a flexible approach and collaborative, team-based culture that helps us to work with you on your terms, and get the results that you are looking for. Every client is different, and communication is the key to success.

We provide a wide range of services and are fond of saying, “Everything but the kitchen sink!” We are based in Washington DC, maintaining partnerships as well as multiple collaborations with other service providers, allowing us to quickly coordinate projects to any scale that may be needed.

Be sure to check out our portfolio listed below to see what we have done for other clients!


The heart of who we are at Eyeth is always innovation, while providing inclusive, thoughtful consultation and support.

We have worked with dozens of clients in wide ranges of fields and successfully completed hundreds of projects. We believe in listening to our clients and making sure our solutions reflect who they are, not who we are.

Whether your needs are basic or extremely complicated, we got your back. Providing accessible experiences is the foundation of everything we do. We can build custom platforms from scratch, if you need one. Need us to host? We can. Need us to provide one-time consultations? We do that too. Need us to jump in and troubleshoot problems? Don’t worry. we got you.  Oh yes, and we can train you, and provide manuals on how to maintain your site. We believe in teaching our clients to fish (if they want to!), or we’ll be happy to do all the fishing for you if that’s what you prefer.

We pride ourselves on our non-binary approach to life and our alternative perspectives afforded by living as Deaf individuals in a world not made for us. We create logos, and whatever else you need – social media banners, branding guides, advertisements…. you name it! We also have a partnership with a full-stack videography and photography studio, so we can take care of your photos and images too! We also provide social media marketing services, working with a diverse group of creatives. Your brand will shine with our transformational approach. We are people of the eye for a reason.

Let our creative and agile crew come and help you vault over your hurdles. We will learn about your workflows and company culture, and provide you with technology recommendations to revamp your processes to meet the needs of the digital generation, with diversity and accessibility at the heart of your transformation. Accessibility is who we are, and we will teach you to make it who you are. We’ll even support you through the implementation process if you need us to. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you become better in every sense of the word.


We have a client portal for existing clients. Within the client portal, clients will find everything related to their project(s). We use Google Drive and Slack heavily within projects, and both of these tools are integrated and explained within our portal. Scopes of work, invoices, tax information, support tickets, knowledge bases, FAQs and more are also found in the portal.

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